Winter Lights and Textures – Scene and Story

Snow on branches…feathery soft, waiting to be touched.

Footprints and shadows in the morning light…

Ice glistening on every single branch, crackling with the breeze…

Even the garden fence is dressed in diamonds.

Every blade of grass in frozen relief, catching drops of sunshine.

Meanwhile, a cat shelters himself in a basket, hoping to keep warm.

Keeping Warm

The weather is the scene and story in our part of the world today.

Today I’m sharing my post through a link up with Sarah of Paisley Rain Boots and Leon of Sea Blue Lens. ¬†Click on the link to Sarah’s blog and you’ll see other bloggers have also shared their Scene and Story.


19 Replies to “Winter Lights and Textures – Scene and Story”

  1. Deb, these are wonderful captures of winter! I especially love the blades of sparkling grass and the kitty in the basket. Thanks so much for joining our Scene & Story link-up today!

  2. These are beautiful in black and white, I get such a sense of the essence of winter. The ice on the fence is divine. I am such a lover of man-made structures in the natural world, especially fences.

  3. What a pleasure to meet you! Loved reading your philosophy in “about this blog” page. And your images, all black and white and glistening make snow somehow feel warm and welcoming.

  4. Love that first image so much. Being a cat person myself, my eye is always drawn to one in a photograph…Your images could be a calendar for winter….love the black and white….

  5. I love that you did these in black and white – it shows off the sparkle in the ice. The contract of the cat all snug in a basket with the icy scenes is truly lovely!

  6. The black and white images are so lovely, and so perfect for winter’s soft light and contrast. I especially love the cat in the basket… we were adopted by a mostly white calico cat during a bitter winter years ago, and this photograph brought back many memories of Annie (who moved indoors after just a few days).

  7. Such gorgeous images of winter that show the beauty of this season. I love that they’re all in black and white, they do bring out the sparkle. I just LOVE the footprints in the snow.

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