November – You Have To Start Somewhere




Cooler temps.  Colorful leaves.  Bare branches silhouetted against the sky.  The crunch of leaves underfoot.

Harvest is completed in most places.  The prevailing West winds rip across the open fields now that no crops stand in the way to slow it down.  A fire might burn in the fireplace, and the aroma of wood smoke becomes a sweet perfume.

We are hunkering in, bundling up a bit more, staving off the colder air.

I often think of fallen leaves as the “thoughts” that trees have had during the warmer seasons.  When the time is just right the trees let go and release those leaves, letting them soar on a breeze and float down to the ground.   This becomes Nature’s way of reminding me that I, too, have to let go of some things.

I have thought for a long while that I wanted to make a change to this blog space, hence the upgrade to WordPress you see here.  I’m still learning how to make it work, especially with the image sizes, and through it all I have concluded that the change is worthwhile.  At least for me.  I had to let go of the way of doing things and take a fresh look at what this is for and why I am doing it.

This month marks six years of blogging for me.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy doing this.  And I had no clue how challenging it can be to keep at it.

My very first blog post in November 2010 included these words:

“You have to start somewhere. That’s me, telling myself that I just need to get this going…

Each of us is on our own unique path. And along the way we all have moments that stand out, that make us who we are or change us in some way.  As I have become more aware, more present to the moment, I find that these  sacred times are more frequent.  Maybe, just maybe, if I get my stuff together I can share an image or a note about these little segments of my life.

That’s all. Just sharing. Opening my heart and letting you in, a little bit at a time.”

Here I am, beginning again, because you have to start somewhere.


3 Replies to “November – You Have To Start Somewhere”

  1. I like your new blogging site! I’ll be looking forward to what you share. I went back and looked at my first blog post. I said “One small set at a time!!” Many have quit blogging which makes me sad, but I have seen several returning.

    1. Thanks, Cathy! It’s surprising how this is so much like starting all over, but that may because WordPress is sort of new to me. Yes, a small step at a time is what it takes. I’m glad you have stayed with it because I enjoy your photos and stories.

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