Geese, the Pond, and Friends

Sometimes winter just isn’t all that pretty.  Like today.

I was determined to get outdoors and find something to photograph.  It’s been a long time since I have done this, and nothing was going to stop me.

On a small pond, in a little park close to home, some geese were just hanging out on the ice. As I walked closer to them, they all carefully waddled toward the other side of the pond. I was using a wide angle lens, which meant I could not zoom in, so this image is cropped a bit.  

A gray winter day. Geese on a frozen pond.  

Ever since I snapped this photo I have been thinking of that story from the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”. Idgie tells how some ducks landed on a lake, the water froze quickly, and then the ducks just flew away with the frozen pieces of that pond. Last they heard it was somewhere over Georgia.

That is one of the best stories from my favorite movie.  It is such a powerful tale about friendship.  A good mix of humor, joy, sorrow, laughter, mistakes, and forgiveness.  Oh, and fried green tomatoes, of course.

* * *

Friends are a priceless gift. 

Sometimes, when you least expect it, a friend checks in on you, says just the right words that you need to hear in that moment, and you know you have been touched by grace.

Then, even if the day is damp and gray and cloudy and cold, even if you know you want to write something and can’t hear the words, even if you aren’t fond of the photo you post, it’s all good.  Because you know deep inside you that what really matters are those friendships.

16 Replies to “Geese, the Pond, and Friends”

  1. So completely true. I've been working on a story that has reminded me of a friendship that changed both my and my son's life. My friend and I haven't seen each other for years but I know I need to write to her and thank her for how she was there for us and how she helped me heal. I think sometimes our friends don't realize the huge part they play in our lives.

    1. Maery, I know that my friend probably has no idea that her simple message to me recently meant so much. Makes me wonder…have I been able to help a friend just by a simple gesture? Food for thought.

  2. I love that movie; it has so many life lessons to draw from. Friendships are one of life's most precious gifts and the best ones are those where you just jump right in where you left off as if no time has lapsed…

  3. When the birds flee at my approach, I always want to say, "Wait, wait! I only want to look at you." A lovely post in honor of friendship. I'm glad to count you among mine, even though we've never met in "real life".

  4. Oh, Mom…This brought tears to my eyes.
    I was just thinking about that story the other day. Garrett always wants me to tell him a story before bed, and I recently told him one about Grandpa Horton. The story in Fried Green Tomatoes is a Grandpa Horton kind of story.

  5. So many times it is the moment that touches the heart, the photograph just helps you remember it. Plenty of gray days here too, and up and down with the temperatures. I just need more light!

  6. Welcome Back, dear friend.
    LOVE this post, like I have LOVED all of your previous posts. You have the exceptional ability to take a simple photo and develop this profound and meaningful story around it. Such a gift. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. I love this image, and your interpretation. True friendship is so precious. I've been reconnecting with some old friends in the past few months and it has been such a wonderful experience. Now I'm thinking about watching Fried Green Tomatoes again.

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