Six Word Fridays ~ Find

Lion's Beuth Park

When winter is all around you,
even if there is no snow,
you have to find the beauty.
Lion's Beuth Park
You may have to search high,
you may have to search low.
Lion's Beuth Park
On a recent, sunny winter day
I went out to the park.
Railroad car bridge at Lion's Beuth Park
Near the pond I could hear
the creek and groan of ice
that coated the green pond water.
Railroad car bridge at Lion's Beuth Park
Standing on the railroad car bridge
the morning breeze made me chill.
Lion's Beuth Park
I long to see this view
on a lazy, warm summer day.

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5 Replies to “Six Word Fridays ~ Find”

  1. Love the shadows on the bridge. Won't it be wonderful to have this series of winter images to compare against shots taken in the other seasons? How different it will look in spring, summer and fall.

  2. Yesterday my husband and I took a drive to FIND the beauty. We have had an unusual winter…very gray and patchy old snow. Still, there is beauty to be found. And like you, I do look forward to seeing these places in spring. I have promised myself not to count the days until then….taking each day as a gift…surely spring will come!

  3. Is it called the Railroad Car bridge because it resembles one, or is it actually made from one? Or is that your own name for it? I really enjoyed this post – it's good to see you exploring your new surroundings and I'm looking forward to seeing it in other seasons, too. I'm glad to find that you have a park with water to photograph!

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