Heart Warming Times Around The Fire

Our new home has a wood burning fireplace, and we enjoyed it a lot last weekend. Pine cones from our yard became kindling and that is what you see in this image.  It was just amazing to see the fiery glow, the brief yet intense colors of those flames as the pine cones were consumed.  That display only lasted a short time, so I was glad that my photo shows the essence of that warmth and heat.   
What you don’t see in the photo was the warmth of friendship.  Two dear friends came to see us from our previous home, and lots of good conversations happened before this hearth.    Even though I want to put into words how special that time was, I just can’t find the words. 
Maybe you know what that is like.  Priceless. 
Because I have shown you the “before” images of the floors, I wanted to also show the “after” in the image below.  We are so happy with how the finish looks. 
Imagine my couch now in front of that fireplace, the soft crackle of the fire, a little rug on the floor, a lamp by the wall, and our friends sitting there with us.  And home made gingersnap cookies.
That’s what we enjoyed and will cherish. 

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  1. Beautiful Deb! I wish I could have come with Marybeth and Marlene. Maybe sometime in the summer? I miss you more than I can say. It brings tears just to type those words…

  2. Your floor is gorgeous, and I love the light streaming across them. Visiting with old friends was a wonderful way to "break in" your new fireplace. So happy for you!

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