Autumn beauty in our own back yard

Yellow leaves on the oak tree

This morning there was a thick fog here, lasting for quite a while.
I stepped into the back yard and looked around. 
These are some of the views I was blessed to see.
Moisture on fallen leaves
In the hush and quiet of the morning, the dampness touched every surface.
Droplets on pine needles
Nothing was left dry. Pine needles. Spider webs…
Jeweled web
…highlighting details we normally would not notice.
Brilliant even in the fog
All of this magnificent beauty…in our own back yard. 
It was wonderful to take a break from the work in the house
and just enjoy the colors.
Tell me, dear friend, have you taken that kind of a break lately?

9 Replies to “Autumn beauty in our own back yard”

  1. Deborah, I'm grateful you took a break and shared it with us. Fog allows a narrower focus – perhaps allowing us to see what we might normally miss in a bigger picture. So lovely!

  2. Beautiful, Deb! I especially like the spider web that looks like a hammock. My daughter and I took a drive yesterday to have lunch at a restaurant we discovered this summer, and just to enjoy the remaining foliage. Three days of wind and rain last week have taken down a lot of leaves, but it was still a beautiful day and a lovely break from routine. I'm so glad you took the time to take in the beauty in your own back yard.

  3. Oh, I never know how to photograph fog – a fairly uncommon occurrence in my part of the world. Now, I see what to do – catch the diamonds 🙂 What a wonderful break.

  4. I take breaks like this frequently…the only way I have been able to cope with my struggle with Lyme Disease. When I see such beauty, especially in the details, my attitude turns to one of praise.

  5. I think the word to describe these photos is "exquisite." I am a sucker for any water drop photos too, but the spiderweb one is amazing.

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