The Sights and Sounds of Autumn and Changes

Work in progress

This work in progress…
so worth the time
and sore muscles
and dust and plastic
and ladders and planning.
So worth it.
Corn harvest
We are surrounded by change.
No big surprise there.
Harvest is here,
and someone had to spend the time
and get sore muscles
and work long hours
to get this crop ready.
Fall leaves
On the steps to our back door
the sun warms these leaves 
in the morning light.
They fell effortlessly through the air
before being tossed about
and coming into my view.
We can make change happen,
or we can witness it all around us.
That’s what I know today.

8 Replies to “The Sights and Sounds of Autumn and Changes”

  1. It's funny how fall always seems to me like a time of beginning, despite all the things that are ending then. It seems a good season for change. I'm glad you have some autumn leaves, and harvest fields. And that house, with those windows! I can imagine how beautiful and light-filled it's going to be after all your hard work.

  2. Such lovely images of change – perhaps autumn is nature's version of remodeling, on a yearly basis. She throws out some bright paint colors and golden light and we delight in her handiwork.

    I admire your ability to embrace so much change.

  3. Yes, everything is always changing in our lives, just like the seasons. I always think of autumn as the season when the winds of change blow! You have a lovely blog here, so full of thoughtful reflection and images of everyday beauty. I've added it to a list of positive blogs I keep on my own site. 🙂

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