A New Chapter In My Story

Pictures often say it better than I can put it into words.
This all took place a couple weeks ago.
We loaded all our belongings onto a U-Haul…with the help of these men and several others.
We could not have done it without them.
And several times I heard them ask if we really thought we could get it all in that truck.
We did. They did, those wonderful friends helped my husband stack and pack it all. 
And then the house was empty.
Do you know how hard it is to say goodbye to your home?  I suspect that many of you do.
My husband made that hearth and mantle.  
We left that home better than the way we found it.  
We took the memories with us.  Really good memories.
Two days later another group of beautiful people, young and old alike,
greeted us and helped us clean our new home and then unload all that stuff.
Some of the men accused ME of reloading said truck 
as soon as they would take a box out of it.   
(I was too overwhelmed and tired to lift any boxes by then!)
Again…we could not have done it without them.
This made me think of book ends.  We were surrounded by love in Ohio, 
then we were surrounded by love again in Missouri.
We will make this home a better place than how we found it.
Yes. We like those “fixer uppers”.
Floors are being sanded, gutters cleaned, plans for repair projects are happening.
And somewhere in there we are getting some rest.
Meanwhile, the cats turned out to be great travelers.
They are adjusting to our new digs, gazing out the windows and carefully
checking out the neighborhood from a safe distance,
running and hiding as soon as a new sound or a new person comes their way.
I wonder what they were ‘discussing’ as they sat there among all the chaos?
On second thought maybe I don’t want to know.
Now if I could just find my kitchen scissors…

13 Replies to “A New Chapter In My Story”

  1. I like this…the old and the new. The swapped out wood floors and what looks like some bookcases in the new digs. I love the thought of you and your husband creating "home" magic. The house turning happily into a home as you sand, polish, and paint. And those two cats are up to no good. Be sure to keep a keen eye out for shenanigans;)
    Wishing you all things wonderful. Welcome home, Deb.

  2. Hi Deborah, I feel your exhaustion, having just moved from our Denver house. I think it takes awhile to make a house a home. Time and effort which you and your husband seem willing to give, will yield results. Good luck in your new location.

  3. I can't help physically (though I wish I could), but I'm sending lots of love from far away as you settle in and make your new town and new house into your home. I'm glad to know you are already surrounded with loving and willing hands and hearts that want to make you welcome. My thoughts are with you.

  4. Well, the worse part is over and now you can settle in and create your new home. We went through it two years ago and it is exhausting, both emotionally and physically. Take care of yourself and don't try to do it all at once. Your photos really help tell the story.

  5. I have been sitting anxiously waiting to hear that you made your move and are settling into your new home. It will be a GRAND adventure for you and I can't watch to see your photos telling your story.

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