Images of Home – from another time

Johnston Farm house

Have you ever had the chance to tour an old farm house like this one?  To hear someone tell of what life was like in the early 1800’s and see how the home reflected the life style of those living there?  

I was interested in the small details I saw in each room.  And it made me think of the small details in my own home today, of what is similar to a home that existed 200 years ago.


There were children’s playthings in one room.  Evidence that a family once inhabited the place.  You’ll find children’s playthings in my home, too, in a container that is brought out when children arrive.   

I love getting to pick up toys again.  Never thought I’d say that 30 years ago.

table setting

There were dishes on the table, waiting to be filled.  

We eat out a lot, so you won’t always find dishes at my table.  But when I cook I do like to set out the dishes and make a special setting for a meal.


Handmade furnishings are everywhere in this old mansion, items that to me are works of art.  I don’t know if the creator of this bed spread would have considered this art, but the details and craftsmanship certainly make it so in my mind.

In my home there are hand made bed covers, too.  And art hanging on the walls, meaningful objects that say “this is where we live.”  

child's hat

A child’s hat laying on the bed. It tells a story to me of a young one coming in the house after chores or after play.  There is something welcoming about having that place to put your hat.  

Near my back door is such a place.  Hang your coat here and leave your hat.  Come in and have tea.

vase and flowers

Little touches that add color and softness.  A bit of fragrance.  A handmade item.

This is the good kind of clutter that softens and gives a place a feeling of home.  We have that in the form of books laying everywhere, an occasional stuffed animal, real violets growing in pots, and cat toys on the floor.   

Light in the windo


And there is the light that streams through the windows, the light of the candles when the night falls.  Always the light that overcomes the darkness.

When we look for a new home, I always look at how the light is, how it comes in, how it fills the rooms. 

* * *
These images were all taken at the Johnston Farm and Indian Agency near Piqua,Ohio. Click on the link to learn more about this interesting place.  There will be more images in the following week from this farm.
Over the next several weeks, as we prepare to move, I’m looking at “Home” and what it means to me, how it looks and feels, and how we make a place our home.  Please join me in the conversation and share your thoughts about what Home means to you.

 * * *
Thank you in advance for not copying my images or word without my express permission.

5 Replies to “Images of Home – from another time”

  1. I love these details of a home from the past and the way you have composed them to focus our attention on the smallest items. Your thoughts on how things haven't really changed all that much, at least as far as what makes a house a home, are so very true. Like a great image, it is all in the details.

  2. I love these photos!
    For someone my age (25), I have a unique appreciation for older artifacts. Luckily my husband does too and we sometimes rummage through flea markets looking for pieces to add to his train collection or antiques to collect in our home. It's an unusual hobby to a lot of our friends but even they admit — "they don't make things like that anymore."

    There's a rural museum in town I've been curious to check out. Maybe I will get to go and share my own experience 🙂

  3. Hi Deb,
    I was especially drawn to that beautiful bedspread.
    On a little post it note, I have my hopes for our next little house. I want a place that fosters Creativity, Partnership, Savoring, Sacredness, and Rest.
    To that end, my ideal place will Feel Free / Unconstrained, Josephine will be Happy and Protected, Ray Will be able to Garden, it will be Beautiful, and easy to Keep Cool/Warm.

  4. Such beautiful photos! Touring old homes is one of my favorite things to do. I love to imagine what it might have been like to live there. There is a simplicity to such places that I find immensely appealing, even though I'm sure that life was more complicated in those "olden days" than would be apparent from the carefully curated exhibits we're able to see. Right now I'm struggling with making this apartment feel like home. I've shed so many of my "things" in the course of moving around over the past three years that now it sometimes feels like I've let go of too much. I feel rather like a stranger in my own life.

  5. This made me do a lot of thinking, for downsizing is in our future. We have loved this home for the lighting too…I have felt blessed to live here. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures and learning about you new home too. I sometimes find myself thinking about what our next home will be like…

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