An Adventure Begins

Hot air balloons

As I wrote the heading for this post I realized that it may not seem to fit with my topic, yet in reality it does.

Last summer I sat right next to the roped off area where these and many other balloons prepared for take off.  To see all the work it takes, spreading that nylon out on the ground, getting the burner ready and firing it just at the right place and time, seeing the shape come to life…it is really something to behold.   

Then when the balloon is ready someone lets go and upward it floats.  When a bunch of them are lifting into the sky you can hear all those burners firing.  I love that sound.

I shared some of these thoughts today over at Vision and Verb, which you know I have contributed to for a while now.   Later this month Vision and Verb is going to close.  Marcie Scudder, the creative force behind that gathering, has decided it is time after five years to say goodbye.  I support her decision and her courage to stand for what she values.

I think I am one of those contributors who found her voice in that space.  By sharing an image and some words every few weeks I think my best got better.  Not an elegant way to say it, but you get what I mean.  

We are letting go of something we have all loved, and now a new adventure begins. No, not another collaborative or website.  The adventure is that we will no longer be around that “table”, but will be on our own, still keeping in touch. 

I invite you to head on over to Vision and Verb, read the recent posts, join in the conversation.


Vision and Verb

6 Replies to “An Adventure Begins”

  1. Life is full of changes, isn't it? I've enjoyed popping into Vision and Verb over the years, a wonderful collaborative effort. Enjoy your next adventure!

  2. Ah, Vision and Verb will definitely be missed. Here's to new adventures, as individuals. Your balloon images are simply gorgeous – I love the bright, bright colors against the blue, blue sky.

  3. I really loved your poem and your photos. I hope you don't mind, I borrowed one (linked it here of course) to use for today's poem.
    Really love the imagery of a hot air balloon. Can't wait to go up in one someday.

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