Owls and Other Raptors

All technical difficulties have been resolved here, and now I can share the treasure of those beautiful owls and other raptors that I recently photographed.
Not far from where I live there is a place known as a Black Swamp Raptor Rehab Center, and all the raptors shown here are from that center.  This was an awesome
experience, to be able to get that close to these amazing creatures, and
then to have them still enough that we could photograph them.  Our
photography club here in Lima made the arrangements for this event, and
donated money to their cause.
barred owl
 Barred Owl
barred owl
 Another Barred Owl
Red tail hawk
Red Tail Hawk
American Kestrel
American Kestrel (a kind of falcon)
screech owl
Screech Owl
The little pair of owls that I showed you a few days ago are each blind in one eye.  Many of these other raptors have broken wings. One of them had a bad leg.  It was sad in a way, but I’m very appreciative and grateful for the dedication and hard work that the rehab center does. 
It occurred to me that we humans are not so different.  We get broken here and there, and rely on others to help us, to keep us safe. 
 Have a great weekend!

9 Replies to “Owls and Other Raptors”

  1. What a wonderful post, and I love your last paragraph. There's a center near here that does the same work, though I've never been there. Many, many years ago, we found an injured American Kestrel (they were called Sparrow Hawks then) and nursed it back to health – or rather, gave it a safe haven and food for a few days while nature healed it – and then had the joy of releasing it and watching it soar and circle higher and higher until it finally flew out of sight. It was an amazing experience and I've never forgotten it. What we did would probably be illegal now, but at that time and place, there was nowhere else to take it for care.

  2. Beautiful Deb!! I have always loved and been fascinated by owls, and your photos have truly captured their exotic beauty! And as always, your writing puts life into wonderful perspective.

  3. What an amazing experience! And gorgeous images. As you said, a lesson in how each of us carries our own scars and broken places – and it is through friendship and love that we can mend.

  4. The second picture made me smile! Some raptors from the U of I are being brought to Monticello's library next Tuesday. Wish I could be there to see them!

  5. Love owls! Rehab centers are so wonderful for these creatures. Even after they are re-released into the wild, I've heard the animals tend to come back and visit. It must be an awesome experience.

  6. I love owls. Seeing these has made me think about my quest to find one in the wild…I have only had that happen twice in 22 years of living in Wisconsin!

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