Technical Difficulties

Don’t you just hate it when the computer does not work or you have no internet access?  

Frustrating…to say the least.

But there is a good point to all that tech mess.  Time away from the screen means more time to do other things.  Things like good conversations, cooking a good meal, enjoying the weather, etc.  I’m actually rather enjoying it!

More posts later this week, I hope, when I can tell you more about those owls and the other beautiful creatures we photographed.

Meanwhile…try moving away from the computer and find something fun to do!


2 Replies to “Technical Difficulties”

  1. Yes, I absolutely ADORE technology until it doesn't work 🙂 Enjoy your time away from the keyboard – hope things are back online soon – or perhaps, later so you can enjoy more of those fun non-computer-related activities.

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