10 Replies to “Six Word Fridays ~ Double”

  1. Might as well be my husband and I this morning….he, who was going to get up earlier than usual, set the alarm. He, who is able to fall right back to sleep, decided on sleeping in a little later. SHE (me) was wide awake…and just a wee bit annoyed. Very glad there were no photographers in sight! This is such a great shot – can't wait to hear more about the owls! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hi Deb, me again. Tried to reply to your comment on my blog -I get them on my blog and in gmail. Gmail says you are a no-reply blogger. It's cool if you want to be that, but that means I can't reply to your comment. 🙁 Lemme know. PS Josephine says O, HAI ! She also says she sees no reason I should be bothered by muddy paw prints 5 feet up on the wall. She says she is just being happy when she bounces off walls. Kitties! Sheesh!

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