Photo Heart Connection for May

Cat bird

Though I always try to remember to post something for Kat’s Photo Heart Connection, I sometimes miss the beat and then time slips by and…you can guess the rest of my story.  It is really a good thing to do, looking back at the images from the previous month and choosing the one that tugs at your heart, that says something to you.

This image is of a cat bird, taken at the same location as the nest of eagles that I wrote about several days ago.  Toward the end of our time at the marsh I saw this bird a few yards away just chattering at the top of her lungs.  Sometimes the light is right, I’m in the right place, and the lens does what I want.  

I love this little bird.  She’s being herself, ruffled feathers and all, telling the world what it needs to hear…her own little song.

The recent death of Dr. Maya Angelo has touched me deeply.  Oprah Winfrey has aired many of her shows on her network (OWN) that include Dr. Angelo recently, as a way to honor the memory of this wise woman.  Her book “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” came to mind as I looked at this image.  

How grateful I am that Dr. Angelo sang her song.  For in her song I ‘heard’ that all of our stories, all of our songs need to be sung.  No matter your age, your gender, your orientation to life in any form, your education, your beliefs…all of us need to share our stories.   And then, most importantly, we all need to listen.


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  1. Great photo! We've had a catbird in our back yard the past few days. Her cries sound like a cross between an angry feline and a cranky newborn infant. But when she breaks into song…oh, what a lovely melody she sings! I too was saddened at the loss of Maya Angelou. I read "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" many years ago and was so impressed by what she overcame and the wonder of the gifts she shared with the world.

  2. What a beautiful capture, Deb! She is singing her own sweet song — so expressively. I also was very moved by the death of Maya — what a great lady! Her life is an inspiration — she embraced life and lived so fully. What wisdom, what grace!

  3. I love this image – with those wildly ruffled feathers and that beak opened wide in order to sing loudly. And I love the way you have tied this to the passing of Maya Angelou and the inspiration that she was to all of us. And the necessity of each of us singing our own song. Inspiring.

  4. I love your photo of the fluffy bird, telling its own story. I also like that it is ambiguous. Is it an angry bird or just exuberant? You did a great job of catching it at just the right moment. And like Maya Angelou, it could not be kept silent, could it?

    I posted my first image to Photo Heart Connection today and connected to your post from there.

  5. this is just lovely ~ the photo is beautiful, your heart is on the page and the tribute to Maya is perfect. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting more – It's a time thing, not a lack of love for your space! I'm really going to do better!

  6. Such a beautiful capture and touching photo-heart connection… sometimes a photo that seems accidental speaks to our heart and convey our feelings in a way that we didnĀ“t know that could be possible

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