Cedar Bog

Iris at Cedar Bog, Urbana, OH

On a recent Sunday afternoon adventure, Mark and I found our way to Cedar Bog, near Urbana, Ohio.  You can read about the bog by clicking here.  If you are looking for a different place to explore, this one is well worth it.  I would recommend insect repellent…the bugs weren’t too bad when we were there, but I’m sure as the summer arrives and weather gets warmer mosquitoes will be an issue.

Though it goes by the name Cedar Bog, it’s actually not a bog, but a fen, something I never heard of until going there.  To get a good definition of a fen, click here.

This beautiful iris was blooming there, and though I have seen many of these flowers all my life, there was something about it growing in the wild, in that light, that made it even more lovely.

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  1. This picture instantly reminded me of the purple irises that grew right outside the side door to Grandma's and Grandpa's house. I can still smell them with my mind's nose!

  2. Hi, Deborah, I've missed you! The iris is beautiful. I like the way you placed it right in the center of the frame, glowing in the light, surrounded by all the soft green.

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