April Poetry ~ Specials

Specials of the day

The “specials” are not
on your plate. This color fest
shines bold while you eat.
* * * * * * *
At a diner in Hannibal, MO, last week, I kept looking at the art work on display and could not keep from it.  So many different paintings…a true feast for the soul.

My final poem for April! Though I did not meet my goal of a poem each day, I did enjoy putting these together and sharing them with you.  Thanks for staying with me and for your encouraging words.  

4 Replies to “April Poetry ~ Specials”

  1. It was such a worthy goal – and I think you more than succeeded through your wonderful poetic expressions. Congrats for taking on this personal challenge – it has been a pleasure to share your thoughts and emotions through your lovely work.

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