Everyone has a Camera

Everyone has a camera

Last week we were away on vacation, visiting family in Illinois and taking in some Lincoln history.  We visited this museum, which is worth your time if you are in Springfield, IL. 

My April poetry writing went down the tubes that week unfortunately.  I had my journal with me, and intended to write every day.  However, I know that when my normal routine of rest is changed my writing seems to suffer…in other words it doesn’t happen.  My goal is to get back to that habit this week.

The Camera and I did enjoy ourselves, I must say.  At the museum I witnessed this iconic moment of people posing and getting their photo taken with the life-like statues of the Lincoln family.  It struck me that everyone has some kind of camera these days, not that I did not already know that, but this scene just brought it home.  

Mary Lincoln's hat

Seeing the life sized statues of this family, being able to stand right there and “see” them, helped me understand that this was a family of normal people.  

I loved the detail on her bonnet, simple and elegant.  Did she choose the bonnet because of the trim or because of the color….

And how tall President Lincoln was…how he towered over all of them…how those eyes just look right into you.

The museum shows in so many ways just how hectic, how tragic that time in our nation’s history really was.  

Lincoln family

In this last image you get the sense of what I saw, but you also see another figure lurking over to the left in the background.  That’s Boothe, the president’s assassin. 

I’m grateful for places like this that preserve history, that show us a bit of what life was like, what the struggles were, and how events changed the course of history.  

What have we learned?  How have we changed?





4 Replies to “Everyone has a Camera”

  1. Our grandson recently visited the Lincoln Museum with his other grandparents – they posted a picture of him with the Lincoln family statues. It looks like a fabulous place to visit.

  2. I wondered where you'd been! I missed your poem every day, but I'm glad you had a chance for vacation. Sounds like it was interesting and fun. I wondered about the character lurking behind the Lincoln family. Mr. Booth looks very realistic…and rather creepy.

  3. Love the camera shot…makes me smile! This looks like a great place to visit. I missed your poems, too. I'm sure you'll be back to writing soon!

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