Nest ~ April Poetry


A tiny nest holding firmly to the branch,
so perfectly formed
with what she could find,
placed high enough to be safe,
just the right size for her offspring…
Guided by her inner compass, some will say,
knowing just how and what to do.
Could it be 
that the Creator gave this gift
to her favorite creatures
who sing of her day in and day out,
these sweet messengers
who fly on their own
between heaven and earth?
If birds are guided and gifted,
as my heart tells me they are,
why would I ever doubt
that divine presence 
within me,
within you,
within us all.
— Deborah L. Tisch, April 18, 2014

3 Replies to “Nest ~ April Poetry”

  1. Beautiful! I love this image – the starkness of the limbs – the perfect "V" – gently holding the nest and that lovely bokeh background.

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