Conversations ~ April Poetry

There in the road
a spiral of wind and
leaves from the fall,
blown by strong wind
spiraling upward,
the delicate touch of these brown
leaves on the pavement
like fingers tapping on glass…
The thoughts of trees,
the hands that fanned the wind
and caught the rain…
old, brittle, and dried,
now they lay on the 
damp, spring earth.
Window blowing strong and free
lifts them upward and they
spiral into my path,
churning, spinning, flying free,
picked up and moved to a new place.
We sat at the table,
friends among friends,
and Spirit entered the room
like a strong breeze
lifting our words 
the spiral.
Words shared.
Tears and laughter.
All making the breeze,
the wind of Spirit,
lifting our old, dry,
brittle thoughts,
letting them spiral 
into a new place.
 Deborah L. Tisch, April 2014

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