The Story Circle ~ April Poetry

Where we sat in our circle

~ The Story Circle ~
The women sat together
Facing one another in the
The circle like the cup in
her hands
Full of warm liquid,
radiating heat to her flesh
The circle where they held
each one in reverence
And respect and honor and
This circle, this O, this
This place where healing
As they told their stories
While the others listened
and were reborn
They sat and beheld the
pain, the joys,
The wandering in the
wilderness, the coming home again
Facing one another
They sat together in the
As she lifted the cup of
warm liquid to her lips
She knew then that she drank
the same cup as they
All did, and the warmth of
the love that poured
From each soul radiated
warmth to all those present
In that circle, that never
ending circle
Where all are equal and no
one is set apart
We are that circle
Where love is, where healing
begins, where story matters
And we must return to the
Again and again and again
Facing one another

In reverence, respect, honor
and love
Deborah L. Tisch, April 14, 2014

* * * * * * *

4 Replies to “The Story Circle ~ April Poetry”

  1. Loving the room, and the circle of ladies soul-sharing and loving with such authenticity. This piece is so beautiful, Deb. Sending big hugs and love love love!

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