That Something – April Poetry

flowers in the woods

That Something
When spring is coming up in
the woods,
When the air is warm, the
breeze strong,
When the ground is damp and
soft beneath my feet
And I can wander at my own
pace among the trees,
When I see these amazing blooms
Bursting through the layers
of dead leaves
And old branches,
Of moss and humus, fungus, and
rotting wood,
When the perfect shapes and
Of all these amazing
creations grab my attention,
I know then that Something
beyond here, beyond us,
Way beyond our understanding
Is doing the growing, the
The nurturing, and the
letting go.
That Something is choosing
just the right colors,
The perfect shapes, creating
the structures,
Setting in motion this cycle
of life, death, life…
Of birth, death,
Of blooming, seeding, fading
and dying,
Of wintering, sleeping, and
And I ask Her, that
To show me
What I need to let go,
And what can be awakened
within me.
 —Deborah L. Tisch, 4/13/14

* * * * * * *
Day 13 out of 30…only 17 to go!

5 Replies to “That Something – April Poetry”

  1. "What I need to let go, And what can be awakened within me." Challenging and uplifting words – causing me to consider – what can I let go?

  2. Deborah, your photo is perfection (and of perfection). Your poem makes me wonder, too – each of us needs an awakening, I think.

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