The Coffee Table – April Poetry

My inspiriation for this poem - the coffee table

The Coffee Table
There are 68 things on this
small table space,
all jumbled together,
almost a disgrace.
Among all the clutter
are fifteen good books,
and fifteen old floppies,
but not one fish hook.
There’s magazines, pencils
red metal toy car,
and a bundle of pens
in a pretty glass jar,
some mail from today
that announces a wedding,
leather gloves always handy
for a bit of cat wrestling.
It’s really quite silly
to see all this here
when it all could be stashed
and the table top cleared.
But you just never know
when you’re going to need
that volume, or pencil,
or magazine to read.
So how did this come
to be SIXTY EIGHT things???
Did those magazines and books
go out for a fling?
(Oh, yeah, and the toy car
drives around in the night,
the baskets start weaving,
the gloves pick a fight.)
~ Not! ~
It’s the hub of the wheel
or our casual life,
the place where we sit.
Daily cares? Take a hike!
 Out of place, but in reach.
I don’t care how it looks.
We can find the remote,
but not one darn fish hook.
 — Deborah L. Tisch, April 10, 2014

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