April Poetry – Wind

wind and clouds

The wind howls outside as I
in the comfort of a warm
The trees, bare except for
the buds of spring,
bend and sway and flex their
massive limbs
and small branches,
and I am awed by their
Does the wind come first and
then the swaying branches
and leaves that fan the air
and make that wind stronger?
Or is it the other way
And the wind, the eternal
wind, wrapping its way around the earth
Coming and setting the trees
in motion?
And does it matter?
Why would I want to think on
such things?
It could be that the mystery
of wind, of air, of currents and
That howling sound
Stir something deep within
that makes me ask.
Does that wind ever sleep?
Is it the breath of God
Moving around this rock
Keeping us alive
As we take it in and let it
This mystery
That I can only feel upon my
And breathe into my chest,
That I only see with my eyes
When the clouds skate across
that night or day sky
Or when trees bend without
breaking as it
Runs around the land.
I only hear it when it is
When it has something to
Something to make me aware
That it is here and will
The wind still howls outside
these walls
As I sit in my warm house
A blanket on my lap
And warm clothes on my body.
Darkness covers the sky now
And only where city lights
reflect am I
Able to see the clouds.
I will go and lay down and
And breathe
And dream
As the wind circles this

(by Deborah L. Tisch, April 2014)

For the month of April I am joining other writers at Camp NaNoWriMo (www.campnanowrimo.org). My goal is to write a poem every day.

4 Replies to “April Poetry – Wind”

  1. What wonderful words to go with such a blustery day and night! Thank you for providing what I seem to have so little time for these days.

  2. As I read your beautiful words, I thought about how much I dislike wind. It's my least favorite kind of weather and makes me feel uncomfortable and edgy. But I was reminded by your poem of how blessed I am to be able to listen to that howling wind from inside a safe and warm home, all of my needs for food, clothing, and shelter abundantly met. I plan to bring that to mind the next time I'm feeling out of sorts because the wind is blowing *again*.
    Your photo of that beautiful stormy sky is stunning!

  3. Capturing wind in a photo is difficult. It is elusive, unlike it's real self in real time. Lovely words to ponder. My fave kind of weather has a balmy breeze and about the wind, it seems to appear after each rain or snow. I think of it as God or Mother Nature turning on the blow dryer. Your words are far more eloquant. Hope all is well my friend.

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