Daily ritual

When I get home from work this is how the cats greet me.
They have started “hiding” under this S-curve toy that we have.
The real purpose behind the “hiding” is an invitation to play.
Note the leather glove.  Self protection is a must.
The Claw.  Yes. Sharp, precise, deadly.  Leather gloves are good.
Then someone else has to see what is going on, join in on the fun,
but not before a couple of well placed hits from… the claw.
And when one leaves the other takes over. More kicking, biting, wrestling.
Did I mention how good it is to have leather gloves?
It’s also good to be able to crop photos, avoiding potentially embarrassing angles.
Just a bit of our daily ritual for your Saturday morning enjoyment!

10 Replies to “Daily ritual”

  1. Ok. I see now that I have been allowing my claw injuries (from Isosceles) to occur because I do not wear "The Glove". That will change!! Love your photos!!

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