The point of this post?  I’m not good at waiting.

That has to be why there are grocery stores.  Rather than wait on the hen I just jump in the car and drive a few blocks to get the eggs or anything else I need or want.  

I acquire those eggs, those
food items or material goods, without thinking of the time and process
behind each and every thing.  It’s all there and I simply go get it.

How did we ever get to thinking that life would be that way all the time, in every situation?
I’m ready for warm weather, or at least warmer than we have had.  

Ready for spring flowers to bloom…yes, I’m having daffodil envy for those of you who have posted images of those lovely blooms already.  

I’m ready for those daffodils. And green grass. Dandelions. The smell of spring, and even some spring showers.  New sights to see and enjoy.  Someplace to take the camera along and soak it all in.

Reality sets in.  

Life grinds on, no matter how fast we want to make it.  

Air currents move as they will and spring comes gradually, just as it always has.  

Situations that affect our way of living move at their own pace, like it or not.  And through it all, I learn over and over that I just have to be patient.



4 Replies to “Patience”

  1. We do live in an instant-gratification world! Slow and easy like the little turtle wins the race! Maybe you'll enjoy spring more due to the long wait!

  2. It seems that the easier and faster it is to get things, the faster still we want them. I often find myself feeling impatient at waiting 5 or 10 seconds for a blog to load…so I can read the thoughts a friend from halfway around the world might have posted only a few minutes ago. It's probably good that Nature takes her own sweet time, to remind us that there are deeper rhythms to life, and things worth waiting for.

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