The Journey

a bend in the road

Today was a good day for a drive through the country.  Snow melting. Sun shining.  Birds singing.  A feast for the eyes and soul.   

I chose my driver, my dear hubby who endures these little treks often, and naturally my camera wanted to go, too.  My photo “topic” today was roads. This winding road above was my favorite of the batch.

letting go

I had not set out to take photos of barns, but this one called to me.  She is falling apart, covered in vines, out in the middle of a field.  The old tree that used to give shade to the farm hands is all but gone, too.   

This kind of stuff inspires me, makes me think of where life takes us, and what we have to let go of along the way.  What have we learned?  How has it all changed us?  That’s just how my mind works.  

Today? I learned that what I may set out to do, thinking “I” know best, is not always (a.k.a. seldom) how it will go.  And this is okay.  Because it’s all about the journey and being open to those little lessons along the way.


5 Replies to “The Journey”

  1. Being out, finding unusual and interesting things to photography always sets me to wondering about my life and even the lives of those that, for instance, worked in this barn. Great post and photos!

  2. Love your winding road – such a perfect "S" curve. And how could you resist that barn? Such lovely decrepitude. And I often find that what I set out to photograph is not what I actually find.

  3. That road looks so inviting…and then that old barn simply took my breath away. Such sights always set me to pondering similar thoughts to yours. Thanks for taking us along on your journey today.

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