Black and White Wednesday ~ Downtown

Couple walking downtown
What would you write…
a story about a couple walking in the city?
Or the spy in the building looking through her lens?
Perhaps that mysterious white triangle there on the right…
Or some imaginary person on a rooftop…
So many possibilities.
How would you begin your story?

My Memory Art

4 Replies to “Black and White Wednesday ~ Downtown”

  1. Oooh good question, I love the idea of someone looking through a lens. Makes me realize there is always more than one viewpoint and that things aren't always as they seem.

  2. Lovely composition! And I love knowing how your mind works as you invest in your photography – you do such a great job at sharing your thoughts and insights and query's with us! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love this "up-high" view of downtown. And, of course, my eye went immediately to the lovely architecture – I didn't even notice the walking couple until I read your words. Another instance of how differently each of us sees – both the world and each other's work. But I like learning to see the story through your eye and words.

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