Photo Heart Connection ~ February

Early in February I was at my desk at work when a woman was escorting her dad out the front door.  I picked up my phone and snapped a quick photo of them walking away from me.  

This touched my heart in so many ways, but mainly because I see not only a part of my own story, but that of so many of my peers. Aging parents who need a helping hand, some needing more help than others, and children stepping in to help, to be there to meet their needs.  

Later on I downloaded an app on my phone called Sketch Guru, and used it to give the photo this water color sketch effect.  Maybe that makes the whole situation look a bit friendlier, and it also gives some anonymity to the people in the photo.  It’s like intentionally blurring an image.

Adjustments.  I adjusted this image.  The daughter in this image has adjusted her life to be able to help out more, to give that hand and that loving escort to her parents in this time of transition.  

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16 Replies to “Photo Heart Connection ~ February”

  1. I love this image, Deborah. The tenderness of it. The vulnerability it expresses…at least, to me, of both father who's aging and needs a helping hand, and daughter who is offering that hand.. And, I like that you've blurred their identities through the use of the app. Keeping them anonymous, and keeping their intimate moment, which is such a universal one, also private. A beautiful image.

  2. Lately, I have been in that very spot…helping aging parents. Since my dad broke his hip, things have been very unsettled. With both of their memories failing it has become more difficult. A few years ago I never even thought about being in this position. It is definitely an adjustment! Thanks for this timely post!

  3. What a poignant and touching image. I love the processing you've done. My parents are gone and sometimes I wonder if/when I'll be in the position of the father in this picture. Not for a long time, I hope – and my preference would be for never!

  4. This is a beautiful capture and brings back memories of my time taking care of my aging parents. The processing does give it an upbeat feel, which is a good way to look at caring for our loved ones. A sweet and tender image for your photo-heart connection.

  5. A moment that speaks directly to so many of us – I, too, am in that position of helping parents with their daily life tasks. I love the bright and colorful effect on this image – celebrating the love between generations.

  6. This is so heartfelt and absolutely beautiful. I think we can all see some of ourselves (and our aging parents) here. Terrific and fun app!

  7. oh such a touching image. I have been right where that woman is, with my own father. And now I see the need to be there for my mother. I love the processing you choose to use on your image … might have to look into that one!

  8. Beautiful image and thoughts… some adjustments are easier that others, and often they depend on our flexibility but they are the key to stay connected to our lives and live the present moment.

    Lovely photo-heart connection

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