1. And if she tells you why she's posing, could you ask her to please, finally, tell us all why she crosses the road?!? Such a fun exercise…it's always interesting to see what I notice in a subject when the light or processing changes. Thanks for linking up!

  2. A great indoor experiment! Isn't it amazing what light can do – how it brings out the textures or not, depending upon its position and angle? Ms. Chicken did quite well for her portrait session.

  3. Hi, hi, hi. Good for you for playing with flash. I HATE flash, but I see how the way you're working it….it isn't noticible. I suppose it's a skill I need to start working on. I'm such a natural light girl though.
    Hope you (and your chicken) are doing well.

  4. Like Susan, I hate flash and almost never use it. Too much trouble and I don't like the effect, though I can see from your photos that it can be useful if done right! It's interesting how different each image is, depending on the position and direction of the light. Good for you!

  5. Like the photos, the one on the left stands out the best to me (but I'm no expert, and not a technical photographer either!), and the words are fun!

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