Getting Out

In Ohio's State Capitol

Polished floors, ornate wall sconces, the American flag and the Ohio flag, and that empty bench.  It’s a wide open space in one of the most beautiful buildings I have been in for a long time.  

My photography buddies and I took the time Sunday and went to Columbus, Ohio, for a free photo walk in the state capitol building.  We were fortunate to have registered in time to get in on this event as the numbers were limited.  And we are comfortable enough, having done this kind of thing many times, that we know to leave each other alone and then meet up.  Each of us finds something different that catches our eye.  We get lost in the moment and just enjoy taking photos.  

I have upgraded to a newer, faster, more bells and whistles kind of camera this winter.  This little photo walk made me aware of just how out of practice I am, not only with a new camera, but just taking photos in general.  Guess I have my work cut out for me!

The main point of this photo is that we got out. Out of the house, out of town, out of the winter rut, and out to see something different.  Photographically, this image may not be much, but what it represents is important to me.  

Almost forgot…when you stand in this space and look up, here is what you see…

The colors on the walls and all the decorative trim are amazing.  

Have you been able to get out and see something besides snow and ice and rain and floods?  Tell me where you have gone and what you were able to see.   


8 Replies to “Getting Out”

  1. Hi Deb! I see you're breaking in that new camera. I've been so afraid of mine that I've only taken it out of the box once. Baby steps;)
    I love the above photos. The red center on the ceiling shot reminds me of the test pattern on old time TV with the Indian head in the middle;)

  2. Oh, Deb – how fun! I haven't made it to the capitol yet in my trips to Columbus – I can see that I definitely need to add it to my list. Love the sweeping spirals of the tiled floor in the first image and then, of course, looking up – and that wondrous dome!
    I have a long list of places I want to photograph here in Ohio. This winter, I visited the Akron Art Museum and the Cleveland Art Museum – both wondrous days of blue skies which greatly enhanced the architecture.

  3. Deb, I'm glad you got out and about, but I'm still thigh deep in snow. You captured the somber formality of the building. I like the colors, too.

  4. Wonderful pictures and so happy you're expanding your "photographic zone". No such luck here, I'm afraid. Snow and more snow and no trip in sight.:)

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