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It’s a sunny, blue sky, beautiful winter day here.  There is not much thawing going on, so lots of snow still covers the ground.  There are huge mounds of it all over the place where snow plows have made way through the foot or so that we have accumulated here. 
We came back to the house today and saw a group of squirrels making tunnels in all that white stuff, looking for food.  Since our neighborhood is full of big, beautiful oak trees we kind of have a smorgasbord here for critters…acorns every where you step. 
peek-a-boo squirrel

They can be fun to watch, and they are also a bother.  

Now that I have seen them out playing and foraging, I only have one question….

What does it mean if a squirrel sees its shadow, 
at noon, 
in Ohio, 
on February 15th?

Punkstawnee Squirrel

Please let me know.  Especially if it means anything about snow going away…..


10 Replies to “What does it mean if – – –”

  1. Since I am a fellow Ohioan I vote for the end of winter and an early spring 🙂 but I would have to agree with Lee about the "holding your breath" caution.

    Love your tunneling squirrels.

  2. I'm sure it means an early spring! These are too cute! Love the little guys and their tunnels, although I do know they can be a bother. They especially raid my bird feeders!

  3. I think maybe the good Lord is sharing a giggle with you over those silly resourceful squirrels
    and letting you know it's all gonna be alright
    no matter how long that frozen stuff lasts:)

  4. How funny it is to see squirrels in snow! Here in Houston, where there is no snow and it was 82 today, the squirrels are just the same as ever. I hope they make you smile.

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