Six Word Fridays ~ Eye

Sea waves artwork

In the eye of the storm
the light appears over the waves.
The winds seem to be calm.
We are lulled by false security.
Sea waves artwork2
 For soon the raging storm resumes
and we must hold our own,
brave the dark and crashing waves,
setting our sails for safe harbor.
My Memory Art six word fridays

4 Replies to “Six Word Fridays ~ Eye”

  1. Is this one of your paintings? Such luscious textures – I feel as though I can reach out and touch it. Love the glints of yellow sunlight on the wave tips.

  2. I love how the closeup crop and slightly different POV completely changes the mood of this painting. The lower angle makes the waves look frighteningly three-dimensional. Your photos are very effective – I "got it" even before I read your eloquent words.

  3. Wow, Deborah! What a beautiful painting! I still cherish the one I won from your give-away! Love your POV, it brings out such depth and texture! You words, as usual, are a wonderful compliment to your artwork!

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