Photo-Heart Connection for January

You would have to be living under a rock to not know that January has been like winter on steroids.  Here in the Midwest we have had more days of bitter cold than I can remember in a long time.  

I typically enjoy the seasons, each one having it’s own natural beauty which draws me outdoors with my camera.  Last month there were few opportunities to do that, get out and take photos in the woods, simply because it was too, too cold.  

My husband and I did get out on a Sunday, January 12th, and enjoyed a bit of trudging through deep snow in the late afternoon sun.  We didn’t stay out long, but I did find some lovely colors and shapes through my lens, which I blogged about here.  The image I have posted here today is from that walk, though I have processed it a bit in Lightroom to give it the look you see here.

The photo-heart connection?  As I wrote in that other post, sometimes we just have to deliberately look for the color, for the beauty, for the thing that resonates in our hearts.  It’s not always obvious.  And when the weather keeps us in and gives us cabin fever I think it’s even more difficult to find.

In an email exchange with a friend today, I wrote that I have been experiencing the winter doldrums, as though the wind that would normally fill my sails and keep me moving, motivated, and feeling alive has died down completely.  The result is I feel stuck.

Stuck like a leaf, frozen on the surface of a pond, waiting for the thaw that will come so the wind can release it and let it move on.  

But I’m not alone.

That’s the beauty of it.  We are not alone.  What one person experiences is often the experience of others.  We just don’t know that until we share our story.

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  1. "Winter on steroids" made me laugh! I think it's natural to feel stuck in the doldrums this time of year. I know that feeling is shared by so many of us in this online community. But you're so right – if we don't say something, share what we're feeling, it's much too easy to think we're the only one. It's good to know we're not alone, not because misery loves company, but because there's strength in numbers – and comfort in them, too.

  2. It has been a harsh winter for so many. I'm fortunate to live where I can usually bundle up and get out every day. I have my winter doldrums in the Summer when It's too hot and humid and this is a good reminder that I won't be alone then either! Stay warm!

  3. Lovely image — the colors are beautiful! Sounds like a perfect image to express your feelings this month. I think many of us feel a period of contracting in winter, storing up energy for a lively spring. The thaw will come!

  4. Oh I do know exactly what you are feeling, getting away to Arizona has brought me out of the dumps. But my little vacation will end soon and I go back to the ice and snow. January, Feb. & March can be mighty long months. Beautiful image to illustrate your feelings.

  5. Your post really resonates with me because this winter has also left me with cabin fever and feeling 'stuck'. It will pass, it usually does but it feels so frustrating while we're in it.

  6. Yes, it has definitely been a rough month here in Ohio for any sort of outdoor activity. I shot less this month than I have since I began this photographic journey. I'm trying to be okay with that.

    I love this metaphoric image of the stuck leaf. We often have periods of time where we are stuck. And it is heartening to know that others experience those same feelings and understand that they don't last forever. The winter thaw will eventually arrive.

  7. You are right, we aren't alone, but it can often seem that way. Until we share, and find a connection with others that helps us through whatever it is we are feeling. It's ok to feel stuck once a while. Let yourself take a break, do something different, and things will come around. Your image is gorgeous, and speaks beautifully of finding color and interest even when it all seems to be cold and snow. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  8. Beautiful image, I got the chills just looking at it! Wonderful words, we're all so different until we share our stories and see that there are many just like us!

  9. thank you for sharing your story…yes…you are not alone. I live in Chicagoland…and we have having the winter that will never end. I did not take even one outdoor photo in January…so hoping that February will be different! I love your photo…very lovely!

  10. Such pretty leaves on the frozen surface… they are playing the waiting game before a ray of sunshine or a gust of wind blows their way. So do we wait, enjoying different things as winter runs its course as is its nature before the stirrings of spring come our way.

  11. What a beautiful image and your story is poetry. Your words are so true and have reminded me that in all things we must take the time to find the good, the colorful, the beautiful, and the meaningful to enhance our everyday lives. This is perfect for me to hear today.

  12. Fantastic photo-heart connection and beautiful image, I can understand what you say about winter doldrums, I live in a warm place and this year we have had an unexpected cold (and rainy) winter, it´s was not too bad as this is unusual, and I have enjoyed the low temperatures but I have missed the light so much!. Taking photos has been challenging and I´ve been spying the sun to run outside when I see the first ray starts to shine… this has been not usual, so I am trying to appreciate (and manage) the diffused clarity of winter days

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