Finding Color

color in winter

Walking in the park on a Sunday afternoon,
snow crunching under my feet,
my breathe visible in the air,
I found myself craving color, yearning for something different
than black and white.
Once I turned my attention to the colors of winter
I found fabulous colors in so many places….
Above, below, all around.
All I had to do was notice.

12 Replies to “Finding Color”

  1. Lovely montage of winter color, Deb. Seeing all these winter images here and on other blogs makes me miss it.
    It does have its own loveliness. Have a good week.

  2. This is a great metaphor for life!
    …and what are those prickly things called? Sugar Gum tree thingies? There are hundreds of them in our neighbors' yard right now.
    Love ya!

  3. Oh, I love your color search – and it's so very true – it's there is we take the time to really look. This works so well as a wintry collage.

  4. So many earth tones. I always find myself starving for color through out the winter, even in the fall. I love the way you put this together.

  5. That center photo looks like a wintery cherry on a pile of icy whipped cream…BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing this beauty with us Deb.
    I'm ready for a chat. Are you?

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