Six Word Fridays – Fresh

The frigid cold of this week
kept mountains of snow and ice
fresh, pristine, and frozen in place.

10 Replies to “Six Word Fridays – Fresh”

  1. This is something I remember from the winters in Germany – the snowcovered trees. I grew up in an area with lots of forests, and as a child I loved to drive the narrow roads through the woods while darkness fell, and the snowcovered trees appeared in the light of the car's headlights and disappeared again silently. Usually we were on our way to or back from a ranch where some animal was sick (my dad is a vet). I loved to accompany my dad on these "outings".
    Beautiful capture, Deb.

  2. LOVE IT! It amazes me when the photo speaks without the words, and the words speak without the photo…then put them together and it's just perfect. There are few things as beautiful as the snow that sticks around to show off in the the sunshine! Thanks for linking up!!

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