Photo Heart Connection for December 2013

In late December I was fortunate to get to visit briefly with my niece, her husband, and their two little boys.  I wrote about those cute little smiles here and shared a few more images of them.

When family is far away and you can’t see them often, visits like this feed the soul.  Yes, for a woman of this age it might be a challenge to keep up with them (thank goodness I was much younger when raising my two), but I always come away feeling lifted up.  Maybe it’s because there is so much love among this young family that it is contagious.  

My photo heart connection is all about those little dimples on that hand, and the frog being sat so that he can “see” the story Mommy is reading, too.  It’s about foot pajamas and the smell of toddlers after a bath, and wondering if they will ever get to sleep that night in a strange place.  (And, no, it took quite a while.)

Yup. Pull at my heart strings and don’t let go.  I’m so grateful to be a photographer, to be able to catch little moments like these.

5 Replies to “Photo Heart Connection for December 2013”

  1. Oh, Deborah, such a sweet photograph. My eye went first to the footie pajama, and my memory to my own children in theirs, so many years ago. But that little dimpled hand truly is the focal point and star of the show. I'm so glad you were there to share the moment and capture it with your camera. Photo-Heart Connections don't get much better than this.

  2. Oh, my – nothing smells better than a little one after their bath. Love those dimples – a details of such simple beauty and love. It makes your heart sing.

  3. It is photos like these and comments like yours that help me see my daughter through a slight remove, which further helps me appreciate her youth and passion and supreme cuteness. I need that, especially on those nights when sleep doesn't come easily to her. 🙂

  4. Love how you captured this sweet moment! I still remember the day I reached down to hold my son's hand and realized it was no longer a baby hand!

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