Winter, in case we forget

This is how our afternoon has unfolded.  Lots of fluffy white stuff everywhere.
And it keeps on coming.  Winter thinks we might forget what she is like,
so she thinks we need frequent reminders….
Neighbors are clearing sidewalks. Other than that, I don’t think anyone is out in it unless needed.
The cats, especially Rossfeld, are napping, then playing, then eating.
Kind of like I’ve been doing today!
(And since I upgraded to a faster camera…I’m taking whatever chance I can to get some photos.   Such fun!)

5 Replies to “Winter, in case we forget”

  1. Lovely capture of your sweet kitty! The snow looks so pretty in your winter pix. Please send winter this way, as we are forgetting what it is like, and we desperately need water!

  2. Beautiful shots of this snowy day. I love the snow when it is new like this. Nothing more beautiful. Living in texas though has spoiled me, and once I see this, I am then ready for spring. Enjoy though, and loved seeing your photos which bring me back to growing up in Illinois

  3. Winter doesn't often let us forget, does she? We are hunkered down here as the wind chills outside dip into the minus 30's. Love the image of Rossfeld. Have fun playing with your new camera – I'm considering an upgrade myself – what did you get?

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