Smiles to begin the New Year

I had the opportunity to visit with my niece and her husband and children a couple days ago, and just had to share these images (with Mommy’s permission). 

What a great way to begin the new year, looking at the faces of these two adorable little boys, hearing their giggles, trying to keep up with them (whew!). 

I just want to carry that joy and love and the giggles and fun with me all year long.  

Happy New Year!
~ Deb ~

7 Replies to “Smiles to begin the New Year”

  1. Nothing like young children to bring joy and merriment into our lives. They are adorable! I so treasure my time with my grandchildren, makes me feel young. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2014.

  2. What a sweet, sweet collage of those little nephews of yours, joyful for sure!!. Happy New Year, & happiness and "gratitude" come your way in 2014.

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