Opening the Heart

Let go

At the beginning of this year this little phrase found me.  I
approached 2013 with the idea that it would be easy to release some old
habits, let go of what no longer helped me be the true me.

Easier said than done.  Much as I hate to admit it, change is often difficult for me.

Finally, just this week, on Christmas Day, I experienced what it felt
like to really let go of what I thought was always expected, always
necessary, what I thought I simply had to do. There were minimal
decorations, and the food prepared was nothing like what I would have
done in years past.  The simple meal served our needs, nourished our
bodies, was not perfect in any way, yet it was enough.

Normally I would have overworked myself in that annual attempt at the
perfect holiday feast, resulting in too many leftovers, too much food
in our bellies, and worrying about just how that table was set and how
it looked.  There is a time a place for such things, but this holiday
was just not one of those times.

The best part of all this was that the day became so much more than I
anticipated, a beautiful time with dear friends.  Good conversation.
Plenty of coffee.  A game of dominoes afterwards.  Then we went our
separate ways. 

In the letting go I was opening my hands and heart to receive
something more.  In releasing the idea of the perfect holiday feast I
found joy and comfort in the simplest meal.  And in that simple
preparation I was able to then have more time to bask in the glow of
love and friendship. 

Funny…now that this little phrase has found it’s way into my life I believe it is meant to stay.

Sharing my image and words today at Vision and Verb.
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5 Replies to “Opening the Heart”

  1. I agree with you, Deb…..letting go can be very hard, but once we do it, there is great relief and satisfaction. I also blogged about this theme today. I'm working on simplifying and decluttering my life. It feels good.

  2. Oh, yes – such a difficult thing to actually do. This year I drove all around, trying to find the "perfect" wrap and bags for my gifts – color-coordinated and stylish – spending way too much time on such a small thing. I look back on it now and wonder who I was trying to impress – what expectations I was living up to. It's funny what we are willing to spend our precious time on, isn't it? Thank you for the reminder to "let it go" – I think that is an ongoing daily process for each of us.

  3. One, I l ove the photo-brilliant in it's simplicity-a slice of everyday. 2nd wow how you did yourself a favor. Your holiday sounds delightful to me. I don't like Christmas. It is just too much-starts Nov 1st and seems to never end that constant drone of commercials and images of perfection. No Christmas could ever be that good, that perfect. I've been trying to get my family to stop exchanging gifts-at least with me. It's not really working, but since I've cut way back, it staves off the pressures.
    Glad you could simplify. I'll come round to your place next year-I'll bring a pie for us to have during dominoes. Big warning. I'm good at that game.
    Happy day to you. Hope you take NYears at the same pace….or even slower.

  4. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who has struggled with letting go. But I'm so glad that at such a stressful time of year, you were able to do it.

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