Moments When I Find The Words

Red berries in winter

Though I have been absent from this little bit of cyberspace for a couple weeks it has all been good.  Winter is unofficially here, it’s bitter cold outside, holiday stuff is everywhere, and sometimes I’d like to just hibernate. 

My focus in November was all about writing for National Novel Writing Month.  I was compelled to write about
how my prayers have changed over my life time.  You’ll just have to
trust me when I say that this topic chose me.  Little did I know what a powerful experience it would be, how the words would flow and the stories come to the surface for me to examine.  

In the first week or so of writing, as I look back now over my rough draft, I was trying way too hard to put down words that only my ego wanted to say.  Words that would please others, that sounded nice and …. really sounded like crap.  Then on the ninth day, don’t ask me why, but there was a shift.  If you were to read just the first nine days of my rough draft, you’d see it, too.  On that day I began to write from somewhere deep within me. 

I will share some excerpts from my exploration of faith and prayer over the coming weeks. starting today with a selection from that ninth day.  


There are moments
when I find the

when it comes
through me

like a message,

special delivery,

when I look at
that leaf

or flower or
stormy sky

and see power

from beyond

and I see The

Then the light

through that leaf
that is

clinging to a

and glistens off
the drops

of dew on the
morning grass

when the mist

over a field as
the sun rises,

and I see The

And my heart says

My soul sings.

My feet stand
still in the silence

and my heart and

take it all in.

Maybe I saw this

but no matter

because It holds

this beautiful

surrounding me

filling my senses

expanding my

and all life

for this moment.

For there I see

The Holy.

4 Replies to “Moments When I Find The Words”

  1. Beautifully powerful stuff! "Seeing the Holy" – sounds like a definition for seeing through the lens. I am in awe of your writing accomplishment – bravo!

  2. Beautiful thoughts, beautifully expressed. I was actually thinking about you earlier today, wondering how your month of writing went, and here it is. I'm looking forward to more.

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