Yes, I do have a nice food processor, one that keeps everything
contained and has a sharp blade that will obliterate any kind of food
quickly.  Yes, I can go to the deli and get the relish all made up and
ready to eat.  Oh, and yes, I know, it comes in a can.

But why would I want those conveniences?  Why would I want to make
the traditional cranberry relish in record time?  Why have it from a can
when you can have it fresh and tangy and so sweet?

The holidays begin here for me.  I use this old hand cranked food
grinder.  It leaks as you chop the berries and apples and oranges, so a
dish has to be placed below it to catch the juicy mess.  And it drips
all over everything no matter what I do, and then I have to clean up the
floor and table and me.

But it is so worth it!  When I turn that crank, I can almost feel the
presence of my grandma and grandpa.  Grandma would supervise.  Grandpa
would have to taste test everything.  Sometimes he kept coming back in
for more. 

Some traditions are worth keeping.  The older I get 
As a woman of a certain age, I find that the memories of what we ate
and who made that dish, even an aroma that makes me think of someone’s
home (like my grandparents) or a special dinner time, all those memories
make the holiday bitter sweet. 

Bitter sweet because we have all moved on.  Part of me wants to hang
on to what was, but I know I must blaze new trails and find new ways to
celebrate just being together with family…no matter the date on the

Traditions can be a blessing and yet they can be a hindrance. 
You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that cranberry relish is
one worth keeping.

Sharing my words (AND the recipe!) at Vision and Verb today!

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  1. Oh, this takes me back. We never made our own cranberry relish, our family preferring to this day the jellied variety that comes from a can, but we did use a grinder like this for other kitchen tasks, like grinding carrots for carrot and raisin salad, or grinding bologna ends (with a bit of sweet pickle added) for an awesome sandwich spread. And yes, the mess! You're right…no matter what, that juice would drip. A towel on the floor helped.

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