Monday Inspiration

Art for sale

Everything you see on this table is artwork created by young people, some very young, some with special needs, some who are home schooled.  They all participate in activities where they can create through an organization called Awakening Minds Art.  A friend of ours works with them, making home visits, and we provide space for them to meet at our church.  

Saturday evening they had an art auction to raise funds for the coming year, and that is why you see this table full of artwork here.  I had the privilege of taking photos throughout the evening.  If you are on Facebook, you can view their page here and see the many images of the kids as they showed their masterpieces during the auction.  The smiles on their faces will warm your heart!

We spoke to the mom of a little girl who had done a painting and sold it that evening.  Mom talked about how her child has been helped simply by being able to create the artwork.  Just telling you about it here is kind of difficult to relate, because you can’t see the light in mom’s eyes as she spoke about it, nor can you hear the gratitude in her voice.  

Creating. Celebrating. Sharing it with the world. Who knows how many lives will be touched by the art that was shared that evening! 

Happy Monday!




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  1. What a wonderfully inspirational story. While I loved all things artistic as a child, I was never really encouraged to pursue creative activities in school – I was the "smart" one, not the artistic one. I can just imagine what that little girl is feeling at selling one of her paintings – such encouragement and validation.

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