The Writing Has Begun

Novel writing kit

It’s that time of year! National Novel Writing Month began on November 1st, and each day I have spent some time writing my “novel”.   The daily practice of writing is the best part of this for me, even if it is a challenge.

And, yes, I have this novel-writing kit on my desk, complete with little characters and all sorts of little goodies to help cheer me on throughout the month.  A real plus this year is that I have connected with others in my own area who are also participating, and there are events scheduled for us to meet and share our writing experiences.  I think that will be just as enjoyable as going on a photo walk with my photography friends!

The subject of my “novel” (which doesn’t seem like the right word for it just yet) is how my own prayers have changed over my life.   What I learned as a little girl, what I practiced for many years as an adult, and what prayer means to me now is a story of evolution.  My goal is to gather the stories that paved the way.  

Other than that, my camera and I are at it each day, working on a 365 Project again.  To see the images for my 365, simply click on the Flickr link on my blog to the right side of the page (scroll down to see it). 


A little writing, a little photography.  My two best artistic expressions.  

My sanity.


4 Replies to “The Writing Has Begun”

  1. What a wonderful project to practice daily, both your writing and your photography. I recently too a 5 week (once a week) writing class and it was so fun….especially meeting the other writers and being with them for 5 weeks. A great experience!!

  2. The topic of your novel sounds very interesting, and I hope that one day you will write about that in this space as well. When I look back how I saw "religion" as a little girl and how my spiritual life has evolved over the years seems like a story from two different worlds.

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