Come and tell your story

Path at Kendrick Woods

At long last it really feels like fall today.  I actually had to wear a winter jacket when we were out for a bit this evening.  The temperature has dipped way down, and most likely there will be frost on the ground in the morning.  Then those leaves that have already begun to change will step up that process and finally let go and fall to the ground.

I love fall. It is my time of year.  The crisp, autumn breezes. The crunch of the leaves under my feet.  The aromas of foods made just in the cold time of year, like hearty soup and breads.  And the amazing, stunning colors all around.  

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just meet in this woods, sit together on those benches, and just take in the view?  Maybe sip on a cup of hot tea from a thermos.  Listen to the sounds of the woods.   Cameras would be welcome, of course, and I could see several of us just kind of wandering off and quietly clicking away, lost in our own sense of nature’s beauty.

Maybe you can keep that image in mind when you have a crummy day in the future.  You know those days will come, just like they do in my world, too.  I think that is what makes us appreciate places like this one even more.  You have to have experienced the total opposite of this in order to understand the value of this place where you can come…and simply rest.

Here in my little corner of this big beautiful world I am preparing for a weekend of rest, at another retreat. We have been asked by our retreat leader to share our stories, which I look forward to, though I admit I get nervous when I think of telling my own.  Today I have had so many thoughts about my own story, what turns my life has taken, how different it is from yours and yet how similar it is all at the same time.  I often struggle with thoughts of not being good enough and therefore hold back…and that is not good.  In recent months I have talked with other women who have that same struggle, and it is very healing just to know that I’m not alone.

We need to let go of our
stories instead of just holding them in. (You know I’m saying this to myself, even though that sentence
began with “we”.)  Something magical happens when we do that, when we
tell someone about our life.  A common bond is found, friendships often
form, and some of the loneliness we feel will dim or even disappear.  So even as I feel a bit of the jitters going into this time of sharing my story, I know that it will be time well spent, filled with that which feeds my soul.

If you could find a place 
to sit with a friend and share your own story,
 what would that place look like?




3 Replies to “Come and tell your story”

  1. "Maybe you can keep that image in mind when you have a crummy day in the future." That part choked me up a bit, Mom. I probably pulled something different from this than others will simply because I'm your daughter. Sitting with you in the woods is a nearly perfect image for those crummy days o' mine.

  2. This place looks beautiful, then I would invite all to go kayaking with me on the bark river, one of my favorite places. There are many places on the river to pull over and talk.

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