Monday in October – take two

I stood in a field of sunflowers on October 5th at the Gorman Heritage Farm.
field of sunflowers
It had been a rainy morning, but the sun did peak out through the clouds.
grasshopper on sunflowers
 And Mr. Grasshopper came along to say hello.
More of my favorite images, bringing a bit of sunshine into your Monday morning.

7 Replies to “Monday in October – take two”

  1. This would be a dream of mine…to stand in a field of sun flowers…you photos take me right there. Glorious! I also have a dream to stand in a field of lavender in France. Putting these items on the bucket list! Happy Monday to you Deborah, from this Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada!!

  2. Sunshine indeed! Such happy yellow faces. What an experience it must have been to stand in a field of sunflowers, in all their sunny glory.

  3. Very nice! I stood in a beautiful sunflower patch this summer, but my photos just didn't reflect their size like I thought they would. That 3rd picture is my favorite…great scale.

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