National Novel Writing Month Approaches


November is the month for NaNoWriMo, pronounced “nan-oh-rye-mo”, or National Novel Writing Month. I’ve been looking at the website, reading a bit of the pep talks, and wondering just what in this world I am going to write about.  (insert anxious smiley face here)

The idea is to simply take the time in November to write a bit each day, or at least on a regular basis, with the goal of putting down at least 50,000 words in those 30 days. Last year I “won” which means I actually did write 50,000 words.  

And no, I really have not done much with what I wrote.  But I certainly learned a lot about what not to do and what works for me.  This year I plan to build on the good parts and learn as much as I can from others with more writing experience.

This year I am looking forward to making connections here locally with others who are participating.  That is a nice advantage of signing up, finding that there are local chapters set up all over the place so that you can cheer each other on.

And I was also surprised to find that many of the books recommended by NaNoWriMo are already on my shelf, as you can see in the photo.  

The only one that is not on their list, and should be, is On The Other Side of Fear, by my dear friend *Julia Fehrenbacher.  I plan to look at it frequently and just let her words of wisdom sink in and fill my heart, especially on those days when I think I’m too scared to go forward.  

Creativity in any form is wonderful and cathartic and soulful.  From past experience I know that there are going to be times when fear will try to take control, so I plan to keep Julia’s book and the rest of this ‘arsenal’ nearby.  

I hope that those of you who have never heard of NaNoWriMo will take a look at it, be brave, and give it a try!  

*(If you click on the link to her book, it will take you to I am endorsing her book on my own, not for any monetary gain. )

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  1. Inspiring, Deborah. 50,000 words in 30 days is such a feat! Can't wait to hear about this year's adventure in writing! Thanks so much for sharing this!

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