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Amish farm

This image of an Amish farm is one that I have kept coming back to for several days, ever since my hubby and I took a drive through the country, like a couple of “old people” on a Sunday afternoon.  We sought out the areas where people different than we are choose to make their living – by living a simpler life with far fewer of what we think of as necessities.

Seeing their horse drawn buggies parked there, the well kept barns and grounds, looking through the fence into this scene of a life like nothing I have known, all of it leaves me with so many questions.  How do they make it work? How do they keep their food safe? What is it like to grow up and continue that life style? And I wonder what they say about those of us who choose to live differently than they do?  

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  1. I think about things like this all the time…I wonder if I would like a lifestyle like that…or at least a simpler life than what we live like now. Seriously, I can't imagine life without a computer now that I have had one, but a less materialistic life appeals to me.

  2. It is hard to imagine a life so unlike that we are used to. While there are times I crave simplicity and unplugging from all the overstimulation there are many creature comforts that I know I would have a hard time giving up.

  3. It was the title of your blog that drew me here originally – and this post captures that spirit. It's so vital, it seems to me, to continually be exposing ourselves to places/people/etc. that challenge our hearts and minds. That help us to think, question and confirm or alter our perspective. This is a lovely photo of a beautiful spot! {and I must be getting old too…my husband and I love going for long drives together!!}

  4. Years ago when I had a young family (and was therefore rather young myself) my favorite TV shows were "Little House on the Prairie" and "The Waltons." Even though I knew the shows were romanticized and that life was truly hard in both of those eras, both of them epitomized a simpler life that strongly appealed to me. I don't really want to give up the modern conveniences and comforts I have now in favor of the hardships of daily life in times past, but I do try to keep life simple where I can. I love your beautiful image of farmhouse, barn, buggy and field. Black and white suits it perfectly.

  5. Good questions. I can't imagine living a life without the modern conveniences and technology that the Amish live without. And yet, their lifestyle persists, even into these modern times. So there is certainly a great strength in their beliefs and life choices. This is such a wonderfully composed image – the black and white treatment works so well.

  6. It's interesting how many memories of my own that your image invoked in me, Deb. You see, my father grew up Amish and left in young adulthood. My grandparents, and most of my aunts, uncles and cousins on that side of the family are Amish. Growing up, I spent many a week visiting, living without electricity and the noises of modern life, and seeing from the inside the differences. In some ways, they are some of the warmest, happiest, caring people in the world, but there is a struggle to maintain there way of life in the face of so many changes around them. There much appeal to the Amish life – the simplicity, the family, the community that springs from it – but I would never, ever choose it over my own. For better or worse, I have so many more choices as a woman in the life I lead today. I value that. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection. Your image invoked much in me today.

  7. Excellent questions! My husband grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania : Amish Country. Although we see Amish Folk here in Wisconsin, too. They came for the farmland. Although it's not a culture I would choose to enter, I do like seeing the Amish Families selling their produce at Farmer's Market. Kudos to you for reaching out enough to even wonder about a different life …–Michele at Sweet Leaf

  8. What a beautiful PHC and I love that it is B&W. I read your posts about being a grandmother, I can feel your love for your three year old. I wonder about being a grandmother,if I am fortunate enough, I imagine I will feel the same.

  9. Beautiful image and it is timeless in B&W! It amazes me that the Amish can continually keep their life simple. I like simple, but I like my conveniences and being comfortable.

  10. This is beautiful, you've captured the essence of Amish, how we all sort it thru our minds. I imagine driving thru the area you must have wanted to stop every second and take photos. Bet your hubby didn't let you drive.
    i wonder how they "make it work"….but must think, it's likely just the same as we do with different parameters. People think back to a "simpler time", but somehow, I don't think anytime is ever simple or pure when you're in the midst of it.

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