Images from a recent photo walk

It’s been a while since I have taken the time to go out with my two photographer friends just to take photos.  Last Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and explored a new place not far from here.  These are a few of my favorites from that day.

weathered conch shell

This old conch shell has been sitting out in the weather for a long time. The colors created by the grime and grunge made it interesting.

peace among the mess

Maybe it’s just me.  I thought it kind of odd that in the midst of a bunch of stuff was this large sign saying “PEACE”.   There was no rhyme or reason to how things were arranged.  That sign seems to be making a big statement about what is really  important.


playing by the river

My favorite image from the day was taken as I stood on one side of a river and looked across to see these little boys playing at the water’s edge.  I was using my 50mm lens and could not zoom in, but I kind of like this, how the expanse of water stands between me and those boys.  

And because I would have been one of those kids at the water’s edge when I was young….





4 Replies to “Images from a recent photo walk”

  1. Hi, Deborah! Such diversity of images in one photo walk. Part of the joy of heading out with our cameras…the unexpected treasures we get to collect along the way. I can't take my eyes off that sea shell. The subtle colours, the shape and texture are sublime. PS. I, too, would have been one of those kids at the water's edge. Some part of me, still is!

  2. Beautiful set! Glad you were able to go out on a photo walk again with friends. Love the colors that have accumulated on that shell – capturing that wondrous spiral.

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