Goin’ my way

a single pathway

You can’t see what is over the top of that hill.  

All you know is there is a path leading up and you take it.  Each step seems a bit awkward, as though not carefully planned, and you fear that you may just stumble and fall, so you cautiously move ahead.

What goes through your mind? Where do your eyes lead you? Forward? Or back where you came from?  Do you reach the top?

How would you finish this part of your story?


9 Replies to “Goin’ my way”

  1. Love this photo!
    My mind goes forward…up and over. I guess that I don't see a "top." Instead I see a continued journey; the path leading onward. Maybe a lake around a corner, a cottage with a porch swing and friends and family gathered around a table.

  2. So much possibility!! One brave and giant step into the future and unknown. My eyes definitely lead me forward and over the hill….expecting to find myself in a land of brilliant red poppies. Just on the other side of here.

  3. This looks very safe to me…..no big boulders, no cliff — a gentle hill. I generally rush to the top of a hill for the view…..then I decide if I want to keep going.

  4. I was going to write something more serious, and then, out of nowhere, this childhood song came to me…
    "The bear went over the mountain,
    The bear went over the mountain,
    The bear went over the mountain,
    To see what he could see.
    And all that he could see,
    And all that he could see,
    Was the other side of the mountain,
    The other side of the mountain,
    The other side of the mountain,
    Was all that he could see."
    Maybe I need more coffee!
    Great picture…

  5. "The bear went over the mountain to see what he could see" was the thought that sprang into my mind, too. I love this picture. That path looks almost like stairs, which tells me it might not be quite as easy as it looks to get to the top of that hill. But I'd be going ahead anyway. What's on the other side for me? The ocean and a fresh sea breeze to lift the hair from my neck and cool me after the climb.

  6. I'd have to climb all the way to the top
    so I'd at least have the pleasure
    of rolling all the delicious way back down:)
    Beautiful path, hill, blue sky, trail…..a story in a photo:)
    Thanks for sharing the way you see,

  7. I love that photo! I love the simplicity of it, just the grass, sky, and the path. And not knowing where it leads. It makes me think of the little house on the prairie :).

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