Joining hands

Join hands

During August when I took a break from blogging I did not take a break from photography.  It’s just something I love to do.  When I’m really concentrating on it I get in “the zone” and loose all track of time and place.  Once in while an image catches my heart…like this one.

We were at the Allen County Fair during the late morning.  We like to go when the crowds aren’t so huge that you can hardly move, and this gives us time to just walk around and enjoy the exhibits, the food smells, the livestock barns, and just watch the people.  As we were watching, this little family made their way toward the food and the carnival rides.

What got me was the boots on this little girl.  Her boots and her dress, and holding hands with her brother and her daddy, going to see who knows what.  I have the sense that she felt big, that she felt safe walking with the boys and daddy.

It is an image that speaks to my heart about connectedness, about family, about love and being safe, about being free to live and move and just be.  It brings to mind how grateful I am for my own family, for the simple blessings of life like food, clothing, shelter. 

Today I need to be reminded of all those things.  

There are endless numbers of stories, precious, important stories, from the tragic attacks on our country that happened twelve years ago today.  In the office today a few of us talked about where we were when the attacks happened, what we felt, who got stranded, and how time seemed to stand still. During that conversation we each became more thoughtful, a bit more quiet and introspective. In the telling of our own experiences of that day, we were brought together, made to remember who we were then and who we are now.

Here we are, twelve years later.  Will these little children in this photo ever know how 9/11 changed our world? 

It’s important to remember that day and how it affected us all, because, I believe, we need to learn from the past and do what we can to make the future better.  Learn how we can be peaceful, be tolerant, be forgiving and gracious and merciful.  Even if we can only do one small thing to make our own lives more peaceful, then that one small thing is worth doing.


Little girls need to go to the fair with their big brothers and mommies and daddies.  And wear their cowgirl boots if they want to.

Families need to share good experiences and fill the days and hours with love and goodness.  So that on the not so good days they will know that they are loved. So that they can have stories to get them through days of remembrance like today.

Communities need to join hands as families would so that we can unite in the common goal of making the world a better place to live.  And let us continue to celebrate the freedom we have, the blessings of being in this place at this time.

Sending you peace…



4 Replies to “Joining hands”

  1. Dear, dear Deb…I'm so happy you captured this image because now it has captured me. I am amazed by how a photograph can say much – no words necessary.

    Thank you for sharing the gift of you.

  2. Oh, my Deb – what an amazing image and thoughtful post. I love your processing – it lets us concentrate on the strong emotional connection between the family members. Here's to a world where cowboy boots and polka dots and little girls are always celebrated.

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